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Explore our Rentals Find out why people rent from Fleet Trailer

 Leasing has been trending upward in the trucking industry in the last 4 years. Do you want to know more about the trends throughout the industry? Click on the picture above to receive a free Benchmarking Survey Report 2017.

Fleet Trailer’s rental program is customized for each customer to fit your needs. Based on the size of your business, quantity needed, trailer type and term length, we will put together the most effective package for you. Calendar month billing means 1 less payment per year vs. a 4 week billing cycle. To setup an account please do the following:

-Submit customer package

-Provide required insurance (example in customer package)


Mention keyword “$100 Off” when you call and receive $100 off your 1st month’s bill on a 3 month minimum rental of an over-the-road or cartage trailer. Call 303-536-1339 to speak with a salesmen and submit customer package.

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