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Flood Damage Service Bulletins


Inspection Rebuild, Reassembly of Submerged Tractor & Trailer Wheel Ends

  • Tractors and trailers exposed to water submersion require special consideration to be given to the work procedures used in salvage and/or rebuild of the units…

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Inspection and Replacement of Haldex Brake & Suspension Products Subjected to Flood

  • Air brake valves, actuators and suspension valves have exhaust and or vent openings that can allow contamination to enter if these components…

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 Service Instructions For Hendrickson Components Submerged in Contaminated Flood Water 

  • Hendrickson recommendations for inspection and service procedures after idle time or exposure to flood. A list of relative literature is also included…

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Technical Service Bulletin: Inspect and Recondition Liftgates Recovered from Flood Waters. CAUTION 

  • Do not operate liftgate until the liftgate is inspected and serviced, and necessary repairs are completed.

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Alert: Potential for Water Contamination in Hub Lubricant Due to Flooding 

  • Contaminated lubricant must be removed from the wheel end to prevent wheel bearing damage. Failure to remove contaminated lubricant…

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 Service Instructions For Meritor Components Submerged in Contaminated Flood Water 

  • Meritor WABCO components that are submerged in contaminated flood water as a result of the recent hurricanes may have sustained damage that includes…

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 FM Technical Bulletin – Hurricane Harvey & Irma – Submerged Trailer Wheel Ends

  • All wheel ends submerged in water because of a hurricane, flood and/or any other means of water ingress should have a wheel end inspection conducted as soon…

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Restoration of Liftgates After Being Submerged Due to Flooding Waltco Recommended Procedures

  • Restoration of liftgates after being submerged due to flooding Waltco recommended procedures. Do not operate liftgate until restoration…

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Flood: Bendix Recommended Procedure for Submerged Trailer & Dolly Control Systems  

  • This bulletin provides a recommended procedure for the inspection adn (where possible) reconditioning of the air brake control system components…

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Service Instructions for Heave Vehicle Components That Are Submerged in Contaminated Floodwater

  • To help prevent possible product issues from occurring in the future, Meritor advises …

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 Inspection & Servicing Procedures on Tire Inflation Systems for Flood Impacted Vehicles

  • Pressure Systems International recommends the following procedures for trailers equipped with tire pressure systems that have been subject to floods …

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