The Strick "TF1" See exactly what separates the TF1 from competitors


3-Piece nose rail on Strick Trailer
Steel tension roof bow of Strick Trailer
Back end of Strick trailer
Phillips Q-Box on Strick Trailer
Crossmember end clips of Strick Trailer
HDPE Lining of Strick Trailer

Strick Trailer

Trucking companies, freight companies, and owner-operators rely on trailer manufacturers to build the most cost-effective trailers possible – trailers that will carry their dry freight efficiently and safely for years to come. They want a competitive advantage and demand more value than ever before. Since 1937, Strick has dedicated its trailer manufacturing expertise to meeting customer needs by developing new and innovative dry van trailers that can lower repair costs and reduce your downtime.


Strick can build a van trailer that fits your requirements exactly. Our job is to understand the unique specs you need to maximize the trailer’s performance in your operation, and combine those specs to provide the lowest cost, longest lasting trailer you can buy. Don’t settle for the one-size-fits-all trailers that other manufacturers want to sell you. We take pride in building highly customized trailers that give you everything you want…and nothing you don’t.

Look below for some of the options of how you can personally customize your own trailer. Contact us if you have an idea of what you want, or if you need to talk about it with a professional.

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Trailer Customization Options

Strick Trailer
Back left view of a trailer with a loading dock
Back right view of a Strick trailer
Back right lights of Strick trailer
Side door of a Strick trailer
Landing gear of a strick trailer
Suspension of trailer
Interior of Strick dry van

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