Asset Management

Fleet Trailer is a full service semi trailer lease, export, sales, rental and asset management company. With over 75 years of experience in the transportation industry our team can help customize a program that fits your specific needs, goals, and objectives. Our asset management services include trailer fleet management, trailer disposal, fleet inspections, appraisals, sales, rentals, leases, and lease negotiations. Current clients include:

  • Freight and Logistics Companies
  • Leasing and Rental Companies
  • Banks
  • Law Firms
  • Estate Managers
  • Liquidation Firms

Fleet Management

Whether a trailer lessee or lessor, Fleet Trailer can help your business navigate the process. We advise lessees on lease development and lease terminations. For lessors, we provide advisory services on the sale or purchase of new and used trailers as well as trailer portfolio management. In addition, Fleet Trailer can help facilitate transactions between investors and leasing companies.


Fleet Evaluations

Fleet Trailer also offers fleet inspections and appraisals for financial institutions, leasing companies, and private investors. We can provide reports for many purposes including current values, residual values, trailer acquisitions or general accounting purposes. Whatever the objective, our team of experts can quickly provide you with a thorough and professional characterization of your current portfolio.


Equipment Disposal

Efficient disposal of trailers can be difficult due to timing, volume, and market conditions. Fleet Trailer offers several outlets to help you quickly monetize excess or obsolete semi trailers.

  • Outright acquisition of existing portfolios including leased, end of lease, or idle trailers
  • Trailer purchase and lease back options
  • Access to a wide network of buyers throughout the US and world to direct market your trailers